On January 29 2018 the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) inaugurated its technology and innovation support centre, which was backed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The inauguration ceremony was attended by WIPO Deputy Director General Yoshiyuki Takagi, who praised the realisation of this initiative, which provides search tools and assistance for:

  • obtaining technological information;
  • database search training;
  • specific searches (eg, novelty, state of the art and infractions);
  • technology analysis; and
  • competition activities.

Takagi stated that:

"The existence of a technical infrastructure, interconnected by the offices, is vital for better communication and also for users to interact and negotiate, transfer information, data and knowledge. Therefore, international cooperation with INAPI is essential."

Further, on January 8 2018 the INAPI:

  • implemented an advanced electronic signature programme;
  • strengthened security measures to safeguard information; and
  • initiated a pilot plan that will enable the institute to become a paperless organisation.

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