This article is part of a series reviewing the IP landscape in 2021.(1) This article looks particularly at an important development that took place with regard to the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO).

In 2021, the Brazilian IP Association (ABPI) filed a lawsuit seeking the financial and administrative autonomy of the BPTO. This is because the BPTO returns to the Brazilian central government a significant portion of its revenue, so it is unable to reinvest such revenue in, for example:

  • the improvement of its IT systems;
  • the hiring of new examiners; or
  • the development of new software.

The IP community in Brazil expects a good result from this lawsuit. It is hoped that the autonomy of the BPTO will enable it to improve its services for the benefit of IP owners.

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(1) For the first article in this series, please see "2021 highlights in Brazil: trademarks".