On 20 October 2022, Saskatchewan announced it is introducing a biosimilars initiative.

For any new patients starting a biologic drug, the Saskatchewan Drug Plan will only offer coverage for the listed biosimilar version. Patients already receiving an original biologic drug are expected to transition to a biosimilar version by 30 April 2023. Exemptions for medical reasons will be considered. Saskatchewan joins five other provinces and the Northwest Territories in mandating non-medical switching to a biosimilar.

Details regarding the initiative are available on the Saskatchewan Biosimilars Initiative website. Patients on the following biologics for certain indications will have to switch, unless exempted or "if a suitable biosimilar format is not available":

  • adalimumab;
  • etanercept;
  • enoxaparin;
  • filgrastim;
  • infliximab;
  • insulin aspart;
  • insulin glargine;
  • insulin lispro; and
  • rituximab.

The policy will apply to future reference biologics as biosimilars are launched and covered by the Saskatchewan Drug Plan Formulary.

For further information on this topic please contact Urszula Wojtyra at Smart & Biggar by telephone (+1 416 593 5514) or email ([email protected]). The Smart & Biggar website can be accessed at www.smartbiggar.ca.