Health Canada released a number of reports over summer 2022:

  • the annual Health Product Highlights for 2021, which provides an overview of new health products, including drugs and medical devices, that Health Canada approved for sale in Canada in 2021, as well as other 2021 highlights;
  • the Pharmaceutical Drugs Directorate, the Biologic and Radiopharmaceutical Drugs Directorate and the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate Drug Submission Performance Annual Reports for Fiscal Year 2021-2022. The reports contain information regarding pharmaceutical, biologic and radiopharmaceutical, and non-prescription and disinfectant drug submission review activity over five consecutive fiscal years (1 April to 31 March) from 2017-2018 to 2021-2022; and
  • the Office of Patented Medicines and Liaison Statistical Report 2021/2022, which provides an overview of Health Canada's administration of the Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations, the data protection regime and certificates of supplementary -protection. The report includes information regarding trends in listing on the Patent Register and the Register of Innovative Drugs, and applications and outcomes for certificates of supplementary protection, as well as related court activity for each topic.

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