Decree 1,726 (Official Gazette 37,438 of May 8 2002) enacts a plan for the organization and regulation of the use of a nature reserve in the state of Zulia. The plan establishes guidelines and policies for the management, administration, zoning and regulation of the land, and lists those activities which are permitted, restricted and forbidden. Moreover, the plan defines the management programmes to be developed in order to protect and conserve the area. The general purpose of the reserve is to develop programmes for the organization and handling of wild and aquatic animals, in order to protect the animals and their habitat (particularly those animals which are considerd to be vulnerable, threatened or in danger of extinction).

The National Assembly has issued a statement (Official Gazette 37,457 of June 4 2002) declaring the importance of environmental matters and the necessity of timely, efficient and effective answers to environmental problems, particularly through the participation of parliamentary bodies.

Finally, the Ministry of Energy and Mines has issued a statement (Official Gazette 37,457 of June 4 2002) announcing the lapse of a gold-mining concession pursuant to Article 98(5) and (7) of the Law of Mining, on the following grounds:

  • failure to present a feasibility study;
  • failure to post the relevant guarantees;
  • failure to pay surface tax;
  • failure to begin granting benefits for the region; and
  • failure to present an environmental impact study.

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