The National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) has published the final terms of reference that will govern the bidding process for the award of oil and gas areas in 2012. Through Resolution 152 of May 14 2012, the ANH has ordered the official opening of the selection process.

The areas to be awarded are located in the following regions: Vaupes-Amazonas; Caguan-Putumayo; Colombia; Cordillera Oriental; Guajira; Guajira (offshore);Valle Inferior del Magdalena; Valle Medio del Magdalena; Valle Superior del Magdalena; Catatumbo; Tumaco Costa Afuera (offshore); Llanos; Sinu San Jacinto; and Uraba y Sinu (offshore).

The terms of reference are similar to the draft terms that were previously published by the ANH, but the draft model exploration and production contract has now been attached and the bidding process dates have changed in accordance with the table below.

Sale of information packages beginsFebruary 22 2012
Draft terms of reference publishedMarch 1 2012
Road showsFebruary 29 to May 9 2012
Data room in BogotaMarch 20 to July 16 2012
Comments to draft terms of referenceMarch 1 to 30 2012
ANH replies to commentsApril 23 2012
Bidding process officially opens and final terms of reference publishedMay 14 2012
Comments to final terms of referenceMay 15 to 28 2012
ANH replies to commentsMay 29 to June 12 2012
Deadline for publication of addendaJune 15 2012
Qualification documents filedJune 22 to July 23 2012
Documents examined and preliminary list of qualified entities publishedJuly 24 to August 24 2012
Comments to preliminary listAugust 27 to 31 2012
Final list of qualified entities publishedSeptember 17 2012
Proposals filed, bid bond and opening public hearingOctober 17 2012
Qualification of proposals and publication of preliminary list of eligibilityNovember 1 2012
Comments to preliminary list of eligibilityNovember 2 to 13 2012
Final list published and areas awardedNovember 26 2012
Second roundNovember 30 2012
Execution of contracts and compliance with contract requirementsNovember 27 to December 21 2012

The full text of the final terms of reference (in Spanish) may be found at

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