On May 15 2012 the Migration Advisory Committee launched a call for evidence to enable it to review various issues around the Tier 2 Codes of Practice and report back to the government.

The call for evidence follows the minister for immigration's request for the committee to:

  • update the list of occupations skilled to National Qualifications Framework 6 to reflect the new Standard Occupational Classification 2010;
  • advise on the design of the Codes of Practice framework, including the questions of:
    • how the codes should be divided between sectors and occupations;
    • whether the current codes could be simplified or streamlined;
    • whether and how the consistency of approach across different sectors and occupations could be improved; and
    • how often and in what manner the codes should be updated;
  • advise on the minimum appropriate salary rate for occupations and (as appropriate) job titles, taking into account the minimum salary threshold for the Tier 2 route and, where necessary, identifying separate, occupation-specific minimum salaries for new entrants and experienced employees; and
  • advise on the appropriate advertising medium (in addition to advertising in Jobcentre Plus) for occupations and job titles to satisfy the resident labour market test.

A copy of the call for evidence document is available at the UK Border Agency website. The document provides background information and sets out the more detailed questions that the committee is asking in order to develop a full response. Responses must be received by July 27 2012.

For further information on this topic please contact Ilda De Sousa at Kingsley Napley by telephone (+44 20 7814 1200), fax (+44 20 7490 2288) or email ([email protected]). The Kingsley Napley website can be accessed at www.kingsleynapley.co.uk.