2012 work permit quota distribution
Decree on non-quota positions
New requirements for dependants of highly qualified specialists
Agreement on legal status of migrant workers and family

The immigration authorities and other state bodies have recently made a number of announcements regarding immigration law.

2012 work permit quota distribution

Distribution between regions
The Federal Labour Service has approved quota distribution between the regions of Russia, issuing Decree 315 on December 28 2011.(1)

Distribution between employers
The Federal Labour Service has also provided data on quota distribution between employer companies that filed quota applications in 2011. Specific information on approved quotas can be found on its website.

If an employer did not file a quota application for 2012, or if its application was rejected or only partly approved, it can file an application with the Labour Exchange Centre, which has started to accept applications for quota corrections for 2012. In addition, employers will be able to use one of the non-quota positions - a list of these is expected to be approved soon.

Decree on non-quota positions

The Ministry of Health and Social Development has approved a decree on non-quota positions for 2012. The list of non-quota positions has been amended and now covers the roles of:

  • circus performer;
  • ringmaster;
  • general director of a joint stock company;
  • general director of a joint enterprise;
  • general director of an enterprise;
  • general director of a general directorship;
  • general director of an inter-industry scientific venture;
  • general director of a production facility;
  • director of department;
  • director/head of a branch office;
  • director of a plant;
  • director of economic affairs;
  • head of a representative office;
  • director of a factory;
  • director (ie, head or representative) of a directorship;
  • director (ie, head or executive) of an enterprise;
  • director of a firm;
  • director of a joint stock company;
  • director of a joint enterprise;
  • chairman of the board;
  • deputy chairman of the board;
  • president and chair of a consortium (ie, a consolidated group, corporation or other socio-economic entity);
  • senior principal project engineer of a project;
  • senior principal industrial engineer;
  • sound engineer;
  • IT security engineer;
  • automation and mechanisation engineer for production processes;
  • industrial engineer;
  • engineer for production control systems;
  • engineer for automatic process control systems;
  • new technology developement engineer;
  • quality engineer;
  • setting and testing engineer;
  • engineer for production management and control;
  • pre-production engineer;
  • engineer-welder;
  • design engineer;
  • electrical engineer;
  • drilling technician;
  • installation and testing technician; and
  • technician.

The Labour Exchange Centre has stated that if an employer includes non-quota positions in its quota application for 2013, these positions will be excluded and will not be approved.

New requirements for dependants of highly qualified specialists

When processing applications for invitation letters for the dependants of highly qualified specialists, the Federal Migration Service requires apostiled copies of birth and marriage certificates to be attached to the applications.

Agreement on legal status of migrant workers and family

Provisions of an agreement on work mobility between Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia have come into force. The agreement on the legal status of migrant workers and family members abolishes the work permit requirements for Kazakh nationals.

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(1) Full details can be found on the Federal Labour Service's website at www.rostrud.ru/documents/xPages/item.2547.html#addons.