On 11 March 2022, the Chamber of Deputies adopted a new law that amends the modified law of 17 July 2020 on measures to combat the covid-19 pandemic.

This new law stipulates the following:

  • the abolition of the 3G (ie, vaccinated, recovered or tested) scheme in the workplace, which the employer or the administrative manager could introduce on an optional basis. There is still an exception for staff, external service providers and visitors to hospitals, residential facilities for the elderly and other facilities mentioned in article 3 of the law of 17 July 2020. In such cases, the 3G scheme remains; and
  • the abolition of the 3G scheme in company canteens or restaurants. Entry to these is no longer restricted to those with a valid vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or negative test certificate.

In addition to these changes, the obligation to wear a mask has been abolished.

These measures are applicable up to and including 30 June 2022.

This new law came into force on 11 March 2022, the date of its publication in the Official Journal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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