On May 17 2017 the minister of labour, employment and the social and solidarity economy tabled Bill 7138 before the Chamber of Deputies, amending the amended Law on the Establishment of Professional Chambers with an Elective Basis 1924 and the Labour Code.(1)

The bill is intended to reschedule the next Chamber of Employees elections from November 2018 to February or March 2019, to be fixed through a Grand Ducal regulation.

The purpose of this postponement is to prevent the Chamber of Employees electoral period from clashing with that of the legislative elections, to be held in October 2018. It is also proposed that the election take place over two months in order to prevent the school holidays from disrupting the electoral process.

In order to ensure that the principle of coordination of all trade union elections is maintained, the bill also intends to postpone the elections for staff delegates during the same period. In this context, in order to avoid a legal vacuum, the bill provides for the extension of the following individuals' terms of office until the newly elected members take office:

  • Chamber of Employees members;
  • staff delegates;
  • salaried members of joint works councils;
  • members of bodies representing an EU company;
  • members of bodies representing an EU cooperative society; and
  • labour court employee assessors.

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(1) Further information is available here.