This article provides an overview of 11 key points to keep in mind when employing teenagers during the summer holidays, including legal requirements for working hours, pay and leave. They are as follows:

  • Teenagers from the age of 14 can be employed during an official study holiday.
  • Employers must obtain a medical certificate (from a family doctor or any other licenced doctor) that confirms the teenager's ability to work.
  • Teenage employees must present his own identity card or his parents' identity card, which includes his details;
  • The employer must give the teenage employee a notice about the terms of their work within seven days of starting their role;
  • Teenagers may work up to eight hours a day and up to seven on Fridays and holiday evenings. If a five-day work week is common practice for the company, a teenage employee who is over 16 years of age may work up to nine hours a day. Employing teenagers for more than 40 hours a week is forbidden;
  • Teenagers may not work between eight o'clock in the evening and eight o'clock in the morning if they are under 18 and still protected by the Compulsory Education Law.
  • Teenagers who are over 16 and under 18 years old (eg, they have completed the 12th grade but not yet turned 18) can be employed between six o'clock in the morning and 10 o'clock in the evening;
  • In accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, during an official school holiday, teenagers who have turned 16 can be employed until midnight. This is on the condition that their employer arranges private transport for the teenager to return home immediately after work;
  • In a workday of six or more hours of work, a teenager is entitled to a break of at least forty-five minutes, thirty minutes of which should be uninterrupted. On Friday and holiday evenings, the break must last at least thirty minutes;
  • Teenagers are entitled to 18 calendar days of leave in the first four years of their employment – for example, 16 workdays in a six-day work week and 14 workdays in a five-day work week; and
  • The payment thresholds are:
    • 16-year-olds – 3,710 new Israeli shekels a month or 21.44 new Israeli shekels an hour;
    • 17-year-olds – 3,975 new Israeli shekels a month or 22.98 new Israeli shekels an hour; and
    • 18-year-olds - 4,399 new Israeli shekels a month and 25.43 new Israeli shekels an hour.

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