A bill on restrictive employment covenants was recently revoked due to a call for parliamentary elections, scheduled to take place in June 2015. Due to the prime minister's call on May 27 2015 for parliamentary elections, all bills that have not yet been passed have been revoked, including Bill L 196 on Restrictive Employment Covenants, which should have entered into force on July 1 2015.

Before calling for parliamentary elections, the government had introduced a bill on restrictive employment covenants that would have gathered all rules and regulations on restrictive employment covenants in one single act (for further details please see "New rules for restrictive covenants in employment contracts"). The objective of the bill was to restrain and regulate the use of restrictive employment covenants and to implement, with a few exceptions, a prohibition against agreements on non-hire clauses.

It is expected that the bill will be reintroduced by the new government in Autumn 2015.

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