On January 16 2001 the Information Communication Network Use Promotion and Information Protection Act replaced the Act Concerning the Promotion of Information and Communications Network. The aim of the new act is to supplement areas that were not previously addressed, including the tightening of restrictions on an information service provider's use of personal information, and the protection of children against lewdness and violence on the Internet.

The significant provisions of the new act are as follows:

  • The information service provider may collect only minimal personal information from users and may not refuse to provide its service if a user refuses to provide additional information (Article 23.2);
  • An information provider intending to provide information that is deemed to be 'harmful to juveniles' must indicate that the information is harmful and unsuitable for persons under 19 years old (Article 42);
  • An individual may not cause obstruction to the information communication network by sending mass data or causing the processing of invalid orders with the purpose of interfering with the network's stable operation (Article 48.3); and
  • Commercial information may not be transmitted for profit contrary to the receiver's expressed intent to reject such transmission (Article 50).

The act took effect on July 1 2001.

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