The Commission for the Protection of Competition conditionally cleared the concentration brought about by the acquisition by Serbia Broadband – Srpske kablovske mreže doo (SBB) of Interaktivne kablovske objedinjene mreže – IKOM doo.

The commission determined that SBB's dominant position will strengthen competition on the digital distribution retail market and therefore cleared the concertation under the following conditions:

  • SBB was ordered to divest within a set deadline its secondary network infrastructure in the territory of Belgrade, where there are horizontal overlaps between the parties to the concentration.
  • The decision imposes mandatory regular reporting on any changes in the retail price of SBB's basic media content package and on the causes and scope of the changes for a two-year period.
  • SBB was ordered to offer IKOM's existing customers alternative options when entering into new contracts, allowing them to choose between:
    • an indefinite-term contract offered by SBB to its existing or potential customers under regular terms; or
    • a definite-term contract offered to existing or potential customers under promotional terms.

During the investigation proceedings, the commission obtained all the necessary data, information and opinions on the effects of the concentration from the parties' competitors, broadcasters and independent regulatory bodies responsible for the data relevant to the proceedings.

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