During 2016 the Competition Authority issued 111 merger control decisions. Out of the 111 decisions:

  • one was conditionally approved (in the sugar market);
  • one was unconditionally approved in Phase II (in the market of milk and dairy products); and
  • 109 were cleared in the summary proceedings:
    • 84 of which concerned acquisition of sole control;
    • 23 represented joint ventures or acquisitions of joint control; and
    • two concerned mergers and corporate restructuring.

Most of the notifying parties involved were foreign companies, while notifications filed by domestic companies made up approximately 24% of all filed notifications.

The concentrations took place in the following sectors:

  • telecommunications;
  • chemicals;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • food; and
  • energy.

Further, the authority issued:

  • five decisions following proceedings regarding restrictive practice agreements;
  • 21 decisions on individual exemptions of restrictive agreements;(1)
  • three decisions concerning abuse of dominant position; and
  • 64 opinions on various aspects of competition law.

The authority conducted sector inquiries in:

  • the oil derivatives wholesale and retail market;
  • the insurance market; and
  • the aftermarket sector.

The authority proved to be one of the busiest in the region.

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(1) The individual exemption mechanism is still in place in Serbia.