In June 2012 the Commission for the Protection of Competition adopted new Guidelines for Issuing Phase I Clearances. The commission's goal is to make the merger control procedure more efficient.

Subparagraph 7 of the guidelines sets out the conditions under which the commission will issue a Phase I clearance. The following concentrations, among others, are eligible for Phase I clearance:

  • acquisitions of joint control over a company that generates less than Md1 million in Macedonia;
  • concentrations involving no overlap in product market;
  • concentrations where the participants' joint market share is less than 15%;
  • concentrations where the participants' joint market share is less than 25% in the upstream/downstream market; or
  • acquisitions of sole control over a company which the acquirer used to control jointly.

On the other hand, the commission may decide to initiate a Phase II procedure where:

  • a participant has strong market power;
  • a participant has a presence in a closely connected market;
  • it is impossible to determine the exact market shares of the participants;
  • there are high barriers to market entry; or
  • an assessment of ancillary restraints is requested.

If the commission determines that a concentration meets the criteria set out in Subparagraph 7, it will usually issue a Phase I decision within 25 business days. As stated in the guidelines, the commission will try to issue a summary decision as soon as possible. Nevertheless, during the 25-day period, the commission may still decide to initiate a Phase II procedure.

Further, the guidelines have introduced the potential to enter into pre-notification talks with the case handler, with the aim of correctly defining the relevant market and ensuring that the scope of the information to be provided is agreed in advance.

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