First area of priority
Second area of priority
Third area of priority
Fourth area of priority
Fifth area of priority
Sixth area of priority
Seventh area of priority
Eighth area of priority
Ninth area of priority

The national market supervision working conference was held on 13 January 2023. The meeting conveyed important instructions from leading members of the State Council. Luo Wen, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of the General Administration, took minutes on the meeting. The meeting set out nine areas of priority for 2023.

First area of priority

The first area of priority includes:

  • strengthening the party's leadership over market supervision;
  • understanding the significance of the "two establishment" principle;
  • enhancing the "four consciousness" principle;
  • strengthening the "four self-confidence" principle;
  • achieving the "two maintenance" principle;
  • implementing the general requirements of the party's construction in the new era; and
  • ensuring that market supervision work always moves in the right direction.

Second area of priority

The second area of priority includes:

  • supporting the development of market entities;
  • accelerating the creation of a market-oriented, rule-of-law and international first-class business environment;
  • boosting market confidence; and
  • stabilising market expectations.

Third area of priority

The third area of priority includes:

  • effectively improving the level of normalised regulation;
  • promoting the standardised, healthy and sustainable development of the platform economy; and
  • supporting platform enterprises to show their skills in leading development, creating jobs, and promoting international competition.

Fourth area of priority

The fourth area of priority includes:

  • optimising the fair competition environment;
  • strengthening anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition measures;
  • strengthening IP protection and management services; and
  • further stimulating market competition and innovation vitality.

Fifth area of priority

The fifth area of priority includes:

  • speeding up the construction of a "quality power"; and
  • providing a more solid foundation for economic and social development.

Sixth area of priority

The sixth area of priority includes:

  • implementing the safety responsibility mechanism known as "three products and one special";
  • promoting the implementation and effectiveness of the terminal work mechanism of terminal power generation; and
  • further strengthening security guarantees in the field of market supervision.

Seventh area of priority

The seventh area of priority includes:

  • carrying out in-depth supervision and law enforcement in the field of people's livelihoods;
  • standardising the market order;
  • optimising the consumption environment; and
  • safeguarding the vital interests of the public.

Eighth area of priority

The eighth area of priority includes:

  • continuing to strengthen the regulatory system and build capacity; and
  • strengthening grass-roots foundations and international cooperation.

Ninth area of priority

The ninth area of priority includes:

  • promoting the construction of systematic business conduct; and
  • Promoting the continuous optimisation of the concept, system and style of market supervision.

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