On 8 December 2022, the Securities Commission (SC) Malaysia issued technical note No. 1/2022, the Clarification on Licensing Requirements for Persons Offering Digital Investment Advice, to clarify the licensing requirements for persons offering digital investment advice.

In this note, the SC states that:

  • the provision of digital investment advice is still "investment advice" for the purpose of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 and, therefore, triggers a requirement for a licence from the SC;
  • it is working towards finalising a holistic framework that caters to both digital and traditional investment advice models;
  • in the interim, applicants who can satisfy the requirements set out in section B of the technical note may apply to the SC for a waiver (or waivers) from the following aspects:
    • the financial requirements as set out in table one of the SC's Licensing Handbook, provided that the applicant has, at all times, a minimum paid up capital of 200,000 Malaysian ringgit and net tangible assets of at least 50,000 Malaysian ringgit on admission and throughout the duration of the licence;
    • a Bumiputera requirement relating to directors, representatives and employees' composition; and/or
    • a requirement pertaining to a licensed director provided that this involves a director with a minimum of five years of relevant experience in investment advice and a capital markets services representative's licence for investment advice;
  • where the SC grants a waiver, it may also impose other requirements that it deems appropriate; and
  • existing licence holders that intend to undertake digital investment advisory must seek the SC's prior approval to do so.

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