The Malaysian banking sector enjoyed a successful year in 2001. According to the Central Bank of Malaysia's Annual Report, the sector's risk-weighted capital ratio increased to 12.5% (as at end of January 2002) and overall profits amounted to M$7.5 billion (almost $2 billion).

Total Islamic banking assets increased by 25.5% to M$58.9 billion (approximately $15 billion), representing 8.2% of the overall banking system. In terms of profitability, significant growth was recorded with an increase in pre-tax profits by 69.9% to M$905.9 million (approximately $237 million).

By the end of March 2002 the Islamic banking sector's mobilized assets totalled M$59 billion. Mobilized deposits and financing during the same period totalled around M$48 billion and M$30 billion respectively.

These results are in line with the Central Bank's 10-year master plan for the Islamic banking and takaful (Islamic insurance) sector which was unveiled in 2001. The plan envisages that the following objectives will be achieved by 2010:

  • the sector will constitute 20% of Malaysia's banking and insurance market and will contribute effectively to the country's economy;
  • the sector will be represented by a number of strong and highly capitalized Islamic banking and takaful operators that are capable of offering a comprehensive range of Islamic financial products and services;
  • the Islamic banking and takaful operators will be supported and will operate under a comprehensive Syariah and regulatory framework;
  • the sector will be supported by a dedicated judicial institution (the Syariah Commercial Court) which will address all relevant legal issues efficiently; and
  • the sector will be supported by well-trained and well-educated individuals and management teams with the necessary expertise.

Now Islamic banking in Malaysia is set to expand on a global basis as the Central Bank of Malaysia formulates policies and measures to increase the capacity and capability of Islamic banking players.

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