The Norwegian Ministry of Transport reports that a bilateral agreement between the European Union and Canada on civil aviation safety entered into force on July 26 2011. On the same day, a temporary agreement between Norway and Canada signed on October 7 2010 entered into force. The content of this temporary agreement covers the same elements as the EU/Canada agreement. It is intended to be replaced by a final agreement at a later stage.

The two agreements provide for the mutual recognition of certificates and licences relating to the airworthiness of civil aeronautical products, and establish procedures that make such approvals simpler and more efficient - and thus less expensive - than previously. The terms of the agreements concern, among other things:

  • approval of the airworthiness and monitoring of civil aeronautical products;
  • monitoring of the continued airworthiness of aircraft;
  • approval and monitoring of production and manufacturing facilities;
  • approval and monitoring of maintenance facilities; and
  • environmental certification and environmental testing of civil aeronautical products and associated cooperation activities.

The agreements may subsequently be expanded to include other areas. Pursuant to eachagreement, the parties shall have the opportunity to participate in each other's inspections or potentially conduct joint inspections in the areas encompassed by the agreement. The parties shall additionally exchange information about their own relevant legislation, and on accidents and incidents in these areas. As well as improving aviation safety, environmental quality and environmental compatibility, and simplifying the export and import of aeronautical products, the agreements may contribute to the further development of harmonised international standards and approval processes.

The agreements are intended to have a positive impact on participants involved in the construction, manufacture and maintenance of civil aeronautical products in Norway, the European union and Canada, as well as for airlines - especially with regard to the maintenance of aircraft in the same areas.

For further information on this topic please contact Paul Sveinsson at Arntzen de Besche Advokatfirma AS by telephone (+47 23 89 40 00), fax (+47 23 89 40 01) or email ([email protected]).