Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft may be the future of low carbon short haul air mobility.

Many French start-ups are currently developing their own VTOL aircraft. One company has entered into a partnership with Aéroports de Paris and the French aviation authority with a view to set up two demonstration flight lines during the Paris Olympic games in 2024. The partnership believes that urban flight regulation will evolve before then to take account of the introduction of flying taxis.

The term "VTOL" was officially included for the first time in French legislation this year. An order dated 24 April 2022(1) introduced the definition of a VTOL as:

[a] heavier-than-air aircraft with vertical take-off and landing that meets all of the following condition:

1. it has more than two lifting or thrusting units used to provide lift during vertical take-off or landing;

2. it has no more than nine passenger seats;

3. it has a take-off weight of 3.175 kg or less.

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(1) Amending the order dated 6 May 1995 on aerodromes and helistations.