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25 March 2020

Lexology – half a million… and counting

With another strong start to the year for Lexology – including product launches, platform improvements and new partnerships – it’s with great excitement we can announce our latest milestone of reaching 500,000 active subscribers .   

23 March 2020

What do in-house counsel value from content?

We recently hosted a session in our London office for clients focusing on how to produce the content that an in-house audience will value, with Anthony Rosen, Legal Director at Bird & Bird and formerly in-house at Facebook, Sky and the UK telecoms regulator.   

28 October 2019

Award season is upon us

We are back with our quarterly awards but now with a change as Lexology Legal Influencers (formerly of Lexology Content Marketing Awards) is now upon us.   

21 June 2019

Shining a light on dark data – what should law firms do?

While ‘dark data’ is a hot topic in the legal industry and an issue that almost every firm has to deal with, there is no exact law or specific guidance as to how to proceed. This short guide will explain dark data, how it threatens law firms who ignore it ...   

16 May 2019

Beware the metadata hiding in your files

Your files are secretly full of it. Metadata – data about data – is often embedded in the electronic file itself. Therefore, if you are sharing files with clients, it is vital to understand how you might inadvertently be sharing metadata with them too.   

02 April 2019

Share more with your colleagues on Lexology

What is knowledge sharing on Lexology? Using the Lexology platform to promote knowledge sharing in your workplace gives you the opportunity to exchange articles, clippings, images, reports and folders with your colleagues, friends or your wider organisation.   

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