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23 February 2018

Lexology Insights: Carillion

Following Carillion's collapse in January 2018, we look at the coverage on Lexology and explore the most popular articles and topics.   

26 January 2018

Lexology Insights: Sexual harassment

At Lexology we hold a privileged position, with access to a wealth of information. All of our 700,000-plus articles are filed under jurisdictions and work areas, but they also have individual topic tags applied. This granularity allows us to see which individual topics are proving popular with our readers, and ...   

19 January 2018

Lexology Insights: Fintech

In this post, we look at content published on Lexology about financial technology, or 'fintech'. Fintech is an umbrella term for any and all advances in technology specifically relating to financial services, including banking technology, currencies, investment services and many other areas. We analysed 800 Lexology articles about fintech to ...   

12 January 2018

Lexology Insights: Drones and driverless cars

Autonomous vehicles of all varieties were a popular topic throughout 2017. In the mainstream media, we saw major corporations such as Google and Uber testing driverless cars, as well as Amazon and Drone Delivery Canada exploring the possibilities of automated delivery using drones. Autonomous vehicles take regulators into unchartered territory, ...   

01 December 2017

Lexology Insights: GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been an increasingly popular topic on Lexology since it was adopted by the European Parliament in April 2016. GDPR will come into force across the European Union in May 2018, and will have far-reaching consequences. It also introduces high penalty fines (up ...   

29 November 2017

Lexology Insights: Brexit

Eighteen months after the landmark referendum that saw the British public vote to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union, we look at the wealth of legal articles and updates articles published on Lexology and dive into how that content has been received. Our combination of contributing authors and ...   

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