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Pandemics to recession: finding AML and ABC synergies in tough times

K2 Intelligence/Financial Integrity Network


During times of economic upheaval and uncertainty it is natural for businesses to focus their strategic efforts on continuity planning and shoring up resources to weather the storm. Though increased focus on AML and ABC measures may not seem critical at this time, loosening this oversight could cause major issues down the line. In this webinar, our experts will discuss how organisations can leverage compliance resources in order to maintain a robust programme even in times of turmoil, including:

  • Reducing fraud and bribery risk through combined workflow and case management strategies, data analytics, risk rating engines and alert review teams
  • Customising technology by combining information from AML, sanctions, fraud and ABC sources to build more robust metrics reporting and risk trending
  • Cross-training staff to cover instances of increased activity or shortages between various functions



Michelle Goodsir, managing director

Michelle Goodsir, a managing director at K2 Intelligence Financial Integrity Network, has 25 years of financial crime compliance experience which includes fraud risk management, anti-bribery and corruption, corporate security and investigations, sanctions and anti-money laundering (AML) programme experience working within the financial services industry and the US government. She is a strong compliance professional with focus on program build, operations, analytics, and business intelligence. Michelle focuses on providing clients strategic advice on fraud risk management to international financial institutions. This includes how to structure a second line of defence fraud program, defining fraud risk taxonomy and risk appetite, enhancing risk assessment and control capabilities, and developing strong stakeholder engagement models across an organisation. She also leverages her expertise in AML and sanctions to lead large projects involving global banks facing regulatory scrutiny or penalty.


Joanne Taylor, managing director

Joanne Taylor, a managing director at K2 Intelligence Financial Integrity Network, has 20 years of legal, investigations and financial crime compliance experience, which includes fraud risk management, anti-bribery and corruption, regulatory enforcement and fraud investigations experience working within the financial and legal services industries. Joanne has in depth experience with global anti-fraud, bribery, and corruption (ABC) strategy, programmes and framework efforts, including governance, policy, remediation, training and awareness, risk assessment, reporting and whistleblowing, as well as fraud detection and monitoring strategy. She has handled global whistleblowing programs and cross-border investigations relating to fraud, bribery and corruption. Joanne has also led cross-border AML investigations, working directly with organisations’ senior management and regulators.


21 April 2020
14:00 - 14:55 UTC
55 min