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Assessing Credibility

Rubin Thomlinson Workplace Training and Consulting Inc


Course details:

$800 (before tax)
*A 10% discount is offered if you register 5 or more participants from the same organization at the same time.

This is a one-day course, running from 9am - 4pm.

Registrants for Assessing Credibility must have attended Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques before they can attend this session.

About this course

Who should you believe? This course is for anyone who has investigated allegations but struggled to make a finding. In this fascinating and engaging course, you will learn about the science of lie detection, which approaches work and which don’t, and valuable tools to assist you in making decisions. Investigators will leave confident in making difficult credibility decisions. Participants will be provided with comprehensive materials explaining these concepts and tools to better support them in their investigation practice.

What you'll learn

  • The psychology of lying
  • Various tools used for lie detection, their strengths and weaknesses and applicability to internal workplace investigation, including facial micro-expressions, gestures and body language, and voice and verbal statement analysis
  • Structuring the interview to enhance lie detection, including discussion of cognitive interviewing
  • Translating credibility concerns and determinations into specific language in written reports


This course is part of our Advanced Investigation Techniques Series. To receive the Advanced Investigation Certificate, complete the Basic Workplace Investigation Techniques course and all 3 of the following courses:

plus 1 of the following courses:


6 February 2020 - 14 October 2020
Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto