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Top 10 Risk & Compliance Trends for 2020

NAVEX Global Inc


Date: Thursday, 16th January

Time: 11 AM GMT, 12 PM CET

Join our annual preview of the top trends and predictions impacting you this year.

Each year as we prepare for this annual publication, we discuss how the complex social, political and environmental landscape has evolved – and its impact on business. This year, we’re responding to an increase of regulatory activity across the globe, and continuing to see the effects of a speak-out culture with demands for transparency and action. Things are just as complex as ever.

For risk and compliance practitioners, this may feel like more of the same. We’ve always operated and flourished through variables of complexity. However, something just feels different this year. It’s not the level of complexity, but a shift in our perspective and approach to that complexity that is changing. And our network of experts and practicing R&C professionals contributing to the 2020 list agree.

As an industry, we are now moving past deconstructing each and every risk and moving toward thinking holistically about integrating our strategies to simplify risk management. Amongst others, this is a common theme you will see unfold in this year’s trends.   


16 January 2020