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Operationalising innovation: the future of in-house legal departments in the global age of more for less

Harvard Law School Executive Education


The market for legal services is changing – what do current trends predict for the future and how can your legal department navigate those changes with agility? Join Professor David B Wilkins, chair of Harvard Law School’s Leadership in Corporate Counsel programme and director of the Center on the Legal Profession, as he discusses the current and future shape of the market for legal services, the growing role of the chief innovation officer and strategies for thriving through change.

The webinar will present the results of a comprehensive survey of over 200 innovation professionals and discuss the implications of these findings for the future of in-house legal departments in the new global age of more for less. Learn how the best in-house legal departments are using changes in the market to:

  • drive superior performance both internally and with external providers;
  • produce cost-effective legal services;
  • protect the company’s long-term interests and values; and
  • ‘operationalise innovation’ through the creation of new roles focused on driving change.


David Wilkins
Professor David B Wilkins is Lester Kissel professor of law, vice dean for global initiatives on the legal profession and faculty director of the Center on the Legal Profession at Harvard Law School. He is also a senior research fellow of the American Bar Foundation and a fellow of  the Harvard University Edmond J Safra Foundation Center for Ethics.

At Harvard Law School, Professor Wilkins teaches several courses on lawyers, including The Legal Profession, Legal Education for the Twenty-First Century and Challenges of a General Counsel. In 2007 he co-founded Harvard Law School Executive Education, where he is the faculty chair of the Leadership in Corporate Counsel programme and the Leadership in Law Firms programme.

Professor Wilkins has written over 80 articles on the legal profession in leading scholarly journals and the popular press, and is the co-author or editor of five books, including one of the leading casebooks in the field. His current scholarly projects include Globalization, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies, The Harvard Law School Career Study, Disruptive Innovation in the Market for Legal Services, and After the J.D.


David B. Wilkins


5 February 2020
18:00 - 18:55 UTC
55 min