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Compliance trends that will help you prepare for 2020

The Red Flag Group



Tue, Jan 21, 2020 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM GMT

Organisations recognise their critical role in ending corruption, money laundering, child & forced labour, and make a significant contribution to society through their commitment to the highest standards of ethics, compliance and social governance. During this webinar, Scott Lane, CEO & Chairman from The Red Flag Group® will discuss key business, compliance and ethics trends and how companies can prepare their teams and programmes to help you select the best customers, suppliers and partners allowing you to not only meet statutory compliance obligations, but to also drive up standards and improve our society for an improved future outlook. Get practical advice on how to set an effective compliance framework in 2020 taking into account the top market trends where compliance is not only about legislation, but also with developing moral and ethical expectations.

Trends discussed are:

1. ESG Compliance is critical. Companies must look closely at their health and safety, environmental and wider human rights practices to ensure compliance not only with legislation, but ethical principles.

2. Everything changes. Companies should be performing real time monitoring in their key stakeholders.

3. Compliance everywhere. Compliance and ethics are not only about the compliance department but the whole business. In 2020, emphasis in a compliance & ethics culture is key so employees can also help report misconduct.

4. Systems integration is key. Companies are integrating their programmes across the whole oganisation into one. This helps in driving synergies between teams and processes to avoid repetitions.


21 January 2020