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Measuring the ROI of online brand protection featuring research from Forrester



As brands increasingly rely on selling online, they open up more opportunities for growth. However, this also exposes them to a greater risk of infringement online.

Online brand protection is a rapidly evolving industry and – despite knowing it benefits their business – brands can have difficulty measuring its ROI.

To address this, Incopro, a leading online brand protection provider, commissioned Forrester Consulting, part of the renowned research and advisory firm, to conduct an independent in-depth study using its established ‘Total Economic Impact’ methodology on four global brands.

In this webinar, guest speaker Forrester consultant Jan ten Sythoff will share the results of this exclusive research. Join us to see the significant outcomes that leading brands have achieved from their online brand protection and how they have measured them. In this webinar, you will learn how leading brands can and should measure the impact of their online brand protection through:

  • Revenue increase from the elimination of counterfeit listings
  • Productivity gains through increased legal and business intelligence capabilities
  • Incremental compensation from successful litigations


Jan ten Sythoff
Senior TEI Consultant, Forrester

Jan ten Sythoff is a senior consultant with Forrester, where he has worked since 2011 as part of the Total Economic Impact (TEI) team. He has completed a number of TEI projects including mobile application platforms, workforce enablement, software for device creation, online payments, enterprise messaging and cloud API management.

Prior to joining Forrester, he was the EMEA research manager at Pyramid Research, managing a team of analysts supporting clients with reports, forecasts and project deliverables in telecommunications markets.

He has a postgraduate diploma in business management from the University of Barcelona and graduated from Exeter University with a degree in economics.

Simon Baggs
CEO & Co-founder, Incopro

Simon Baggs is CEO and co-founder of Incopro, and partner and head of intellectual property at Wiggin LLP. He specialises in using technology to enforce rights online. He has led litigation teams in several ground-breaking cases that have required technology companies to use their infrastructure to protect intellectual property. He co-founded Incopro to offer companies the technology and intelligence necessary to secure scalable and global protection from online rights infringement. His teams have won the Financial Times Award for Innovation in Intellectual Property 2015, the Legal Week Innovation Award 2016 and the Managing IP Award for Innovation in IP 2018. 


2 May 2019
15:00 - 15:55 UTC
55 min