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Kill Bill-Able Hours: women leading the transformation of outside counsel engagements



14:00 EST

This webinar, featuring industry powerhouses from Microsoft, 3M, Shell and TD Bank, and moderated by PERSUIT founder and CEO Jim Delkousis, will highlight and zero in on how women in the legal industry are leading agents of change, transforming the way their in-house teams engage outside counsel, and how PERSUIT has helped shape that transformation.

If your legal department is looking to become tech-enabled and keep pace with industry leaders, then you don’t want to miss this. Join this dynamic discussion to engage with the powerhouses themselves on their views on what the future of outside counsel engagements holds. Learn from their own experiences and the strategies each are adopting with their law firms in a bid to shape the future.

Speaking panel

Rebecca Benavides
Director of Legal Business, Microsoft

Rebecca H Benavides is the director of legal business in Microsoft’s corporate, external and legal affairs department. As part of the legal business, operations and strategy team, she leads development and oversight of the department’s strategies for engaging with legal service providers including, but not limited to, implementing alternative fee arrangements, optimising value from outside counsel engagements and driving adoption of technology innovation in legal service delivery.

ReneĢe I Uzong, JD
Sourcing Manager, Professional Services, 3M

 Renée Uzong is a sourcing manager at 3M. In her current role, she advises and consults with 3M’s legal affairs department to set strategic direction and operating plans for outsourced legal services. She drives and ensures that overall company business processes align with the business needs of the legal affairs department. In addition, she leads contract and pricing negotiations, builds and maintains relationships with key service providers and works closely with 3M’s preferred counsel network. She is also responsible for a team that leads the strategic sourcing activities for human resources, finance and management consulting. 

Alexandra Guajardo
Pricing & Analytics Officer, Shell

Alexandra Guajardo is the pricing and analytics officer at Shell Oil Company. She works globally with the legal team to facilitate and manage the appropriate fee arrangement (AFA) programme and acts as a central point of contact for external counsel.

She has 20 years of experience working with both law firms and clients alike. She began her career at Norton Rose Fulbright in the IT department before transitioning into practice management reporting, with oversight over AFAs and profitability analysis.

Prior to joining Shell in late 2017, she acted as a practice manager at Baker Botts LLP in Houston, Texas, where she led strategic planning and pricing initiatives for the litigation and environmental departments.

Ashley Woodill
Legal Operations/External Counsel Management, TD Bank

Ashley leads TD Bank’s global External Counsel Management team. Ashley is responsible for managing TD’s overall relationships with outside counsel, driving efficiencies in the delivery of legal services, and reducing/managing external legal spend. Ashley has extensive experience and expertise in designing and negotiating innovative Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs). Prior to joining TD Bank in April 2017, Ashley was Associate Managing Attorney, Legal Operations, at GlaxoSmithKline.

Moderated by Jim Delkousis
Founder & CEO, PERSUIT

Jim Delkousis is founder and CEO of PERSUIT, the futuristic platform that transforms how in-house legal departments engage outside counsel. Prior to the launch of PERSUIT, he was a Big Law partner for 17 years, which highlighted the gross inefficiencies in the way organisations engage and buy outside counsel services.

PERSUIT is the leading enterprise platform for engaging outside counsel, making it simple for major corporations to request and receive easy-to-compare proposals from their panel law firms. It delivers the future of outside counsel engagements to legal departments – centralised, streamlined, automated and data-driven.


8 May 2019
18:00 - 18:55 UTC
55 min