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Leveraging AI in legal: the new world of AI-powered contracts



Artificial intelligence (AI): buzzword of the year. In some it conjures a feeling of modernity, in others of concern. But what does it really mean? And how can it be applied to such a traditional sector as the legal one?

Contract management is an area that is ripe for innovation and digital transformation. Often contracting processes are bureaucratic, burdensome and a major source of delays. Yet new technological solutions are emerging quickly, affording the opportunity for AI to manage much of the process while freeing up people to focus on more strategic tasks.

Are you prepared for the pace of change? This webinar will answer the following questions:

  • What is AI?
  • How can you leverage AI in your legal organisation?
  • How can you migrate your business to an AI-focused one?
  • What results can be expected?

Jason Gabbard

Jason Gabbard serves as the head of AI strategy at Conga. He is also the founder and chief executive officer of Counselytics, a New York City-based technology company focused on contract discovery and intelligence.  

Mr Gabbard is also an attorney admitted to the New York and Kentucky bar associations. He began his career with Cravath, Swaine & Moore in New York, where he worked on a variety of transactions, including initial public offerings, mergers, stock and asset acquisitions and sales, joint ventures and debt issuances.  

After Cravath, he worked at Morgan Stanley’s MSREF private equity fund in London, where he managed a group of London-based lawyers and bankers responsible for closing billions of dollars in private equity transactions throughout Europe and Asia.

He is also an active angel investor and has invested in a number of technology companies, including Lyft, Square, Matterhorn (now Lexis Nexis) and New York City companies Automotive Mastermind, Axial and Thuzio.


Jason Gabbard


23 January 2019
15:00 - 15:55 UTC
55 min