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A multi-layered approach to third-party due diligence

NAVEX Global Inc


This webinar will talk about how semi-automation of third-party due diligence is best.

The financial and reputational impact of bribery and corruption scandals on firms is enormous, and there is a growing global culture of scrutiny – so avoiding scandals should be at the top of the board’s agendas. Regulatory enforcement agencies are bigger and better resourced, and can act with more vigour than ever before. But as businesses grow increasingly global, with more complex security of supply chains, such scandals are becoming a staple in modern global news. 

A multi-layered third-party due diligence approach is vital – and often missing. Technology can help to marry together the common sense of human experience with the large volume efficiencies of automation, no matter how complex the scenario. Ultimately: better due diligence, more quickly. Start utilising third-party due diligence proactively as a business strategy, and not just a reaction, by building in a consistent, multi-layered approach early in your programme.

Topics will include:

  • Global variances of bribery and corruption
  • No single due diligence process is perfect
  • The common sense of humans
  • Semi-automation is best


Alex Wilkinson
Adviser, third-party risk management

Alex Wilkinson heads NAVEX Global’s third-party risk management division outside of North America. His career has included commercial roles focusing on risk management and trade sanctions, within the maritime, oil and gas, and ethics and compliance sectors. Prior to NAVEX Global, he devised the idea to integrate sanctions content alongside other industry-specific data, to produce an automated sanctions screening platform. The resultant innovative product helped customers to move from reactively searching for third-party risks to proactively using that knowledge to drive better commercial activity. Mr Wilkinson holds a degree in criminal psychology from Southampton University.


Alex Wilkinson


21 June 2018
09:00 - 09:45 UTC
45 min