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Regulatory challenges of cryptocurrencies in Switzerland

Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law


Switzerland is known to be a favorable jurisdiction for Fintech. Is this true? FINMA, the Swiss regulator introduced new rules. Do these new rules serve its purpose? For whom are they suitable and what problems are not resolved? And, does FINMA have second thoughts given the worldwide discussions about cryptocurrencies?
This webinar will look into the current Swiss legal situation concerning cryptocurrencies. The webinar touches on the questions what can be done without any license and where is it still necessary to apply for a license (banking license, securities dealer license, exchange license). Further, the webinar sheds some light on the pitfalls of ICO's.


Oliver Widmer is a partner and a member of Pestalozzi’s Financial Services Group and the head of Pestalozzi's Private Clients Group. He primarily advises domestic and international banks, financial institutions, wealth management service providers and high net worth individuals on banking, finance and capital markets matters. 

Urs Kloeti is Managing Partner of Pestalozzi and heads Pestalozzi's Financial Services Group. His practice is focused on regulatory matters, anti-money laundering, compliance, finance and all sorts of questions related to the banking and financial industry.

Both, Oliver and Urs, are advising clients who wish to obtain FINMA licenses in relation to crypto currencies, in particular banking licenses and licenses for either exchanges or financial infrastructures under the Swiss Financial Markets Infrastructure Act. Further, they are familiar with issues around ICO's.


Urs Kloeti
Oliver Widmer


5 April 2018
11:00 - 11:45 UTC
45 min