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NFTs in China: Managing Risks in Marketing Campaigns and IP Licensing



Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a growing phenomenon globally. This is no different in China, where NFTs are known as ‘digital collectables’. Brands are increasingly using digital collectables to support their marketing and promotional activity. Whilst this contributes to brand growth, getting it wrong can have a significant negative impact. As this is a new and emerging area, speakers Jin Ling, Sunny Su and Holly White will discuss how legal and intellectual property in-house counsels are grappling with guiding their business through these challenges. They will focus on:

  • Business models being used to exploit digital collectables
  • New regulatory and intellectual property risks and what can go wrong
  • How to mitigate the risks successfully

*This webinar is designed for corporate attendees only.




Ling Jin
Commercial Director
Lusheng Law Firm

Ling’s ability to guide foreign businesses in China comes from an insiders understanding of the system, which she gained working for a decade within the State Legislature in Beijing, and 7-year direct participation in Sino-US IP legislation negotiations for China’s accession to WTO. ​

​Since joining private practice in 2000, she has learned to combine this with a deep understanding of innovation and commercial law, a rarity that means she is highly sought after by clients with IP at the core of their business. 


Sunny Su
Senior Associate
Lusheng Law Firm

Sunny’s practice focuses on IP prosecution, contentious and non-contentious protection in China. She has particular expertise in IP commercials, including technology import-export, franchise, assignment, licensing, non-compete and various commercialization agreements etc. She also keeps providing consulting services on the regulatory landscape for data and compliance within China. Representing numerous multinational corporations, Sunny has experience in entertainment and media laws and practice.


Holly White
Senior Consultant


Holly supports leading multinationals and hot brands to exploit opportunities and implement their commercial strategies within China. ​​She draws on 10 years’ experience of the business environment in China, with a particular focus on digital, innovation and technology. ​

​Prior to joining Rouse in 2017, Holly served as a senior diplomat as the Science and Innovation Counsellor at the British Embassy in Beijing, where she advised business on navigating the unique political, social and economic landscape in China. ​


6 July 2022
14:00 - 15:00 UTC
60 min