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Governance, Privacy and Exposure: Understanding Information Governance, Data Privacy, and Data Breach Exposure



Organisations today, both private and public, should be excited about what is happening with their data and their networks, as advancements in technology have finally caught up with the requirements necessary to handle and manage via controls and classification, any volume of data, regardless of magnitude, in any repository, in any geography, behind the firewall or in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Organisations can get more value from information assets now due to technology and data mining. However, the rewards of data value must be considered with the risk of a network compromise and the related data privacy and cybersecurity obligations imposed by legal, regulatory, and business retention requirements.

In this expert presentation a panel of cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery experts will present and describe a framework for deploying and enhancing organisational information governance programs. These programs, when adequately implemented, should ensure cyber-incident preparedness and help organisations demonstrate reasonable security measures for sensitive assets.


  • Balancing Risk and Value: Obligations and Opportunities
  • A Programmatic Approach to Information Governance: From NIST to IG Integration Hub
  • Anywhere and Anytime: Considering Network Vulnerability
  • To Trust or Not to Trust: Working Toward the Zero Trust Architecture
  • Defensible Data Disposition and Remediation: From Development to Framework
  • Sanitised for Your Protection: NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitisation
  • Avoid Boiling the Ocean: A Reasonable Cybersecurity Framework
  • Tying It All Together: Questions to Ask Your Vendors



Matthew Miller
Senior Vice President of Information Governance and Data Privacy, HaystackID






Ashish Prasad
Vice President and General Counsel, HaystackID






Michael Sarlo
Chief Innovation Officer & President of Global Investigation Services, HaystackID






John Wilson
Chief Information Security Officer and President of Forensics, HaystackID






1 December 2021
17:00 - 18:00 UTC
60 min