Following pressure from the European Commission to fully implement European cabotage rules as laid down in EU Regulation 1072/2009, Parliament has approved a bill amending the Act on Commercial Transport of Goods on the Road (for further details please see "Government forced to relax national road cabotage regulations").

There was some parliamentary opposition to the bill. On June 9 2016 the Transport and Communications Committee recommended that a bill be approved. On June 15 2016 Parliament's first reading of the committee report evoked strong opinions, but the bill was approved without changes. In the second reading on June 21 and 22 2016 the controversial bill was approved.

Meanwhile, on June 16 2016 the commission decided to refer Finland to the European Court of Justice for failing to properly apply the cabotage rules. However, having been aware of the ongoing Finnish legislative process, the commission noted that if Finland changes its legislation and decides to follow the EU regulation, it will reconsider its decision to sue Finland.

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