The Ministry of Manpower has issued Regulation 18/2017 concerning the manner and procedure for online mandatory manpower reporting by companies, which introduces an online-only procedure for mandatory manpower reporting. The regulation implements Articles 6, 8 and 9 of Law 7/1981 concerning mandatory manpower reporting.

The procedure for manpower reporting has undergone several changes since the reporting obligation was first imposed under Regulation PER-06/MEN/1995. The first procedure required the manpower report to be submitted to the ministry directly or by mail. After 11 years, Regulation PER-14/MEN/IV/2006 introduced the Company Mandatory Manpower Report Information System through which companies were to submit their manpower reports.

However, the new procedure introduced by Regulation 18/2017 requires companies to submit their manpower reports via the ministry website. All reports which were manually submitted must be re-submitted within one year from the effective date of Regulation 18/2017.

Article 5 of Regulation 18/2017 provides as follows:

  • Companies must submit an online written report on their manpower:
    • subsequent to their establishment, recommencement or relocation; or
    • before their relocation, suspension or dissolution.
  • The report must be submitted either 30 days subsequent to or before the respective act.
  • Companies must also submit annual manpower reports during December.

Regulation 18/2017 also regulates the usage and management of data from manpower reports, the purposes of which include a reference for the formulation of:

  • policies at a national, provincial or regency or city level; and
  • working plans of the manpower supervisory agency.

The management of the network and system is conducted by the Manpower Planning and Development Agency via the Manpower Data and Information Centre.

Regulation 18/2017 has been in force since November 6 2017 and replaces Regulation 14/2006.

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