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Don’t Wait! Federal Court Sends Case Back to TTAB

USA - May 11 2018 Not only do decisions from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board now, in some circumstances, have a preclusive effect on federal litigation, the US…

Randall A. Brater, Laura Zell

Converse Loses Its Midsole Amidst ITC Trademark Battle

USA - July 26 2016 Last month, the US International Trade Commission issued a decision invalidating a trademark for Converse’s iconic Chuck Taylor sneaker. Although…

Daniel B. Jasnow, Anthony V. Lupo, Luna M. Samman

Travels in Canada — Protecting Trade Secrets and Your Competitive Edge

USA - May 9 2016 Washington DC in May is well known for its Cherry Blossoms, especially along the Tidal Basin and some of the beautiful neighbourhood streets…

Dana J. Finberg, Birgit Matthiesen

Travels in Canada — The North American Food Industry in a New TPP World: Safeguarding Your Innovation

Asia-Pacific, Canada, USA - January 11 2016 Over the last twenty years, one of the biggest success stories on the North American trade front has been the cross-border agri-food industry. In…

David R. Hamill, Birgit Matthiesen

Citing copyright misuse doctrine, court holds that watchmaker cannot rely on copyright to stop importation of gray market watches into United States

USA - December 13 2011 A recent decision by a California federal district court could make it more difficult for copyright owners to prevent the unauthorized importation of gray market goods into the United States.