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The effect of scandals on the economics of college sports

USA - July 26 2012 The issues raised in the Freeh Report about the actions of top Penn State executives in the University, Athletic Department and football program, including legendary coach Joe Paterno, with respect to Jerry Sandusky may result in NCAA sanctions, and perhaps civil and federal claims against the University

Jared F. Bartie, Maidie E. Oliveau, Matthew D. Pace

The President’s budget would tax municipal bonds used to fund sports and entertainment facilities

USA - February 10 2015 President Barack Obama recently released his budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2016, and municipalities, sports franchises, and owners of sports and…

Jon S. Bouker, Thorne Maginnis, Richard A. Newman

Copyright owner is not flying high after Fourth Circuit’s decision in Baltimore Ravens ‘Fying B Logo’ case

USA - February 3 2014 Frederick E. Bouchat has once again alleged copyright infringement against the Baltimore Ravens and the National Football League (NFL) over the…

Anthony V. Lupo, Amy E. Salomon

Cheerleader uniform designs eligible for copyright protection, Sixth Circuit rules

USA - August 28 2015 In a closely-watched fashion design case, the Sixth Circuit ruled last week that decorative designs on cheerleading uniforms are eligible for…

Anthony V. Lupo, Xiyin Tang

A primer on the Northwestern-NLRB decision and its effects

USA - April 23 2014 It is unlikely that any ruling by a Regional Director of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ever sparked such nationwide commentary as…

Maidie E. Oliveau, Collin Seals