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New York Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags

USA - June 3 2019 We previously reported that several jurisdictions, including Boston and Chicago, have restricted the ability of retail stores to provide single-use…

Anthony V. Lupo, Eva J. Pulliam

FTC to Bring National Advertising Cases Involving Legitimate Products

USA - May 31 2019 The Federal Trade Commission recently announced that it will renew efforts to investigate and police companies that use misleading advertising to…

Sarah L. Bruno

FTC Continues Its Aggressive Enforcement of Negative Option Offers

USA - May 9 2019 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is showing no signs of backing off its aggressive enforcement of online negative option offers after filing a…

Sarah L. Bruno, Daniel B. Jasnow, Anthony V. Lupo, Eva J. Pulliam

Court Denies Return in Dispute Over L.L. Bean’s Return Policy

USA - April 9 2019 A recently dismissed class action is a good reminder to companies that any changes to return, exchange, or warranty policies cannot be retroactively…

Anthony V. Lupo

FTC to Hold Public Workshop on Video Game Loot Boxes

United Kingdom, USA - April 9 2019 The US Federal Trade Commission announced recently that it will hold a public workshop on August 7, 2019, to examine consumer protection issues…

Sarah L. Bruno, Daniel B. Jasnow, Eva J. Pulliam