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Changes to Trademark Law in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands - October 17 2016 The Cayman Islands published a draft set of laws at the end of August in its push to modernize and update its intellectual property laws. Earlier in…

N. Christopher Norton

Converse Loses Its Midsole Amidst ITC Trademark Battle

USA - July 26 2016 Last month, the US International Trade Commission issued a decision invalidating a trademark for Converse’s iconic Chuck Taylor sneaker. Although…

Daniel B. Jasnow, Anthony V. Lupo, Ross Q. Panko

Quebec Wants 'Sufficient' Amount of French on Business Signage

Canada - June 23 2016 On May 4, 2016, Quebec’s government published proposed regulations which would require businesses using signage bearing trademarks in languages other…

Nicholas J. Lawson*, N. Christopher Norton

USPTO now allowing goods/services amendments in light of technological changes

USA - September 11 2015 Businesses must constantly adapt to technological advancements in order to remain competitive in a fast-paced digital economy. Consider, for example…

Thorne Maginnis, N. Christopher Norton

Enforcing design patents: Old Navy sued for sandal designs

USA - October 13 2014 On September 10, 2014, JPT Group, owner of the iconic American fashion brand Bernardo, filed suit in the Southern District of Texas alleging that Old…

Anthony V. Lupo, Brian J. Stevens