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USDA Concerned about Growing Pains With Expedited Time Frame for Hemp Rule

USA - March 19 2019 Last week, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service convened a webinar to accept public comments on implementing the hemp provisions included in the…

Emily M. Leongini, Georgia C. Ravitz, Brian Ronholm

FDA Finalizes Guidance on New Marketing Pathway for Medical Devices

USA - February 12 2019 As we reported last year, the agency telegraphed its intent to provide a new option for manufacturers to leverage objective performance criteria in…

Paul S. Gadiock

FDA Doubles Down on Medical Device Program

USA - December 21 2018 FDA has been establishing policies to benefit new programs for the medical device industry, including opportunities in the Digital Health arena and…

Paul S. Gadiock, Brian J. Malkin

Roll Hemp 2018

USA - December 20 2018 While he did not use a hemp pen like the one used by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to sign the conference report, President Trump…

Emily M. Leongini, Brian Ronholm

When Does a Smart Watch or Wearable Become a Medical Device

USA - December 19 2018 In this video episode of Fashion Counsel, Fashion & Retail Leader Anthony Lupo and Life Sciences Leader James Ravitz discuss the fine line between…

Anthony V. Lupo