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Another Freedom of Speech Win For The Fantasy Sports Industry

USA - November 8 2018 Late last month, in Daniels v. Fan Duel, Inc., et ano, Case No. 18S-CQ-001344, 2018 WL 52575775 (Ind. Oct. 24, 2018), the Indiana Supreme Court sided…

Richard L. Brand, Michelle Mancino Marsh, Jennifer O’Sullivan, Melissa A. Trenk

A Proactive Approach to Dealing with Misconduct in Sports: Defense is the Best Offense

USA - August 20 2018 In today’s instant news environment, headlines are abuzz with different types of misconduct in the sports industry. These issues range from sexual…

Richard L. Brand, Robert L. Capers, Jennifer O’Sullivan, Maidie E. Oliveau, Temitope K. Yusuf