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FDA Announces April 25 Webinar on Genome Editing in Animals, Signaling Commitment to Implementing its Plant and Animal Biotechnology Innovation Action Plan

USA - April 2 2019 The US Food and Drug Administration announced its Plant and Animal Biotechnology Innovation Action Plan last fall, outlining the agency's priorities…

Karen Ellis Carr

USDA Concerned about Growing Pains With Expedited Time Frame for Hemp Rule

USA - March 19 2019 Last week, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service convened a webinar to accept public comments on implementing the hemp provisions included in the…

James R. Ravitz, Georgia C. Ravitz, Brian Ronholm

Roll Hemp 2018

USA - December 20 2018 While he did not use a hemp pen like the one used by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to sign the conference report, President Trump…

James R. Ravitz, Brian Ronholm

DEA Scheduling of Epidiolex Revealed

USA - October 1 2018 This decision follows the June 25 FDA approval of Epidiolex®, the first cannabis-derived drug, that we drafted an alert on here. Epidiolex is…

Paul S. Gadiock, Brian J. Malkin, James R. Ravitz

Trump Admin Threatens Cannabis Industry: What You Need to Know

USA - January 9 2018 On January 4, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the rescission of an Obama-era Department of Justice guidance known as the “Cole Memo”…

John Malone, James R. Ravitz