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Wyoming Stable Token Act Enacted Into Law

USA - March 28 2023 For the last few years, Wyoming has been a leader among US states at the intersection of digital asset innovation, adoption, and regulation. In July…

Deric M. Behar, Jenny Cieplak, Arthur S. Long, Stephen P. Wink, Adam Zuckerman

ISDA Launches Version 1.0 of Definitions for Digital Asset Derivatives

Global, USA - February 7 2023 The Definitions aim to support the safe and efficient development of the digital asset derivatives market through consistent contractual standards. On…

Deric M. Behar, Naffie Lamin, Tiiu Lemsalu, Thomas Vogel

New York Department of Financial Services Issues Crypto Custody Guidance

USA - February 3 2023 The Guidance clarifies the regulator's expectations on safekeeping customer digital assets, and the disclosures that must accompany such arrangements…

Deric M. Behar, Arthur S. Long, Pia Naib, Parag Patel, Marlon Q. Paz, Donald Thompson, Barrie VanBrackle

White House Issues Digital Asset Framework

OECD, USA - September 30 2022 On September 16, 2022, the White House published a Fact Sheet described as the first-ever “Comprehensive Framework for Responsible Development of…

Alan W Avery, Deric M. Behar, Adam Bruce Fovent, Arthur S. Long, Pia Naib, Stephen P. Wink, Douglas K. Yatter

Legal Implications of the Ethereum Merge and Potential Ethereum Proof-of-Work Fork

Global - August 25 2022 Ethereum’s transition to proof of stake presents opportunities and pitfalls for certain digital assets and tokens built on the network. After years of…

Jenny Cieplak, Adam Bruce Fovent, Ghaith Mahmood, Justin Tzeng, Stephen P. Wink