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What You Need to Know About the Cybersecurity Act of 2015

USA - February 18 2016 After years of vigorous debate and numerous false starts, in the closing hours of its 2015 session, the US Congress unceremoniously passed — and…

Manuel (Manny) A. Abascal, Jennifer C. Archie, Gail E. Crawford, Benjamin A. Naftalis, David J. Schindler

5 compliance “hot spots” for technology companies under export controls and sanctions laws

USA - October 23 2014 For decades, the US Government has used trade controls — export controls as well as trade and economic sanctions — to advance national security and…

Annie E. S. Froehlich, Les P. Carnegie, Kevin P. DiBartolo, William M. McGlone

The California Consumer Privacy Act’s Amendments Are Final: What Businesses Need to Know

USA - September 23 2019 The California State Senate and Assembly have completed their legislative session, passing only modest amendments to the California Consumer Privacy…

Jennifer C. Archie, Robert Blamires, Marissa R. Boynton, Michael Rubin

California’s Consumer Right to Privacy Ballot Initiative - What You Need to Know

USA - April 16 2018 California ballot initiative, Consumer Right to Privacy Act of 2018, gathers momentum for a November vote, spurring some telecom and internet…

Roxana Mondragón-Motta, Michael Rubin

What’s New, What It Means: California AG Releases Modified CCPA Regulations

USA - February 14 2020 While still in draft form, the modifications both clarify certain obligations and introduce new uncertainty for businesses covered by the CCPA…

Jennifer C. Archie, Robert Blamires, Marissa R. Boynton, Michael Rubin