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EU Announces Stricter Emissions Standards for Cars and Commercial Vans

European Union - April 29 2019 EU will tax manufacturers for excess emissions and collect individual consumption data from vehicles in order to meet climate change goals. The EU is…

Jörn Kassow

German Real Estate Sellers: Beware Rent Roll Risks

Germany - March 27 2019 The Higher Regional Court of Cologne (HRC Cologne) has ruled that a property seller is liable for the difference between the rent shown in the rent…

Christian Thiele

German Government Commission Agrees to Phase Out Coal Power Plants By 2038

Germany - January 30 2019 A German government-appointed body, known colloquially as the “Coal Commission”, has agreed to end coal-fired power…

Jörn Kassow

Katowice Climate Change Conference Agrees on Rulebook for Implementing Paris Agreement

European Union, Global - December 31 2018 Delegates from 196 countries and the European Union convened in Katowice, Poland, in December for two…

Jörn Kassow

German Federal Court: Property Sellers Who Withhold Usage History Risk Liability

Germany - July 10 2018 FCJ decision finds that mere suspicion of contamination resulting from a sold property’s past use constitutes a defect. The German Federal Court of…

Christian Thiele