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New House Subcommittee to Prioritize Crypto Oversight

USA - January 20 2023 The Financial Services Committee seeks to bring order to an industry many say has suffered from lack of proper rulemaking…

Deric M. Behar, Stephen P. Wink

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Piercing the Digital Veil

USA - May 10 2022 A complaint filed in federal court will test the boundaries of protection from liability for individuals behind decentralized autonomous organizations…

Deric M. Behar, Stephen P. Wink, Adam Zuckerman

Digital Assets Could Revolutionize Global Remittances

Global, USA - April 21 2022 The promise of faster and cheaper remittances may accelerate crypto adoption in many emerging markets, including those that have not historically…

Gianluca Bacchiocchi, Deric M. Behar, Barrie VanBrackle

DOJ and Treasury Take Crypto Enforcement to the Next Level

USA - October 28 2021 The DOJ’s National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team and Treasury’s OFAC are setting their sights on cryptocurrency use in cybercrimes…

Deric M. Behar, Jessie R. Michelin, Benjamin A. Naftalis, Eric S. Volkman, Douglas K. Yatter