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WORD OF THE DAY® -Turning to the Right

USA - October 6 2016 Partner Michael Darden explains the term Turning to the Right from the Book of Jargon®; - Oil & Gas.

WORD OF THE DAY® - Tripping

USA - September 22 2016 The Book of Jargon® - Oil & Gas is one of a series of practice area-specific glossaries published by Latham & Watkins. Latham’s Oil & Gas Industry…

Surveying the oil & gas industry landscape: acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures

USA - November 13 2014 In this interview, Latham partners Michael Darden, Michael King and Jeffery Muñoz follow up on the seminar, discussing some of the key…

Michael R. King, Jeffrey S. Muñoz

Opportunities for Japanese investment in US unconventional resource development

Japan, USA - October 10 2013 Success in developing gas from shales has resulted in an overabundance of supply, which in turn has had a significant downward effect on the…

Michael R. King

Brazil announces 11th bid round for petroleum concession opportunities

Brazil - February 21 2013 Brazil will hold its 11th Bid Round in May 2013 for the auction of petroleum Exploration and development rights in 289 onshore and offshore…

Michael R. King