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FCC Adopts Process Reforms for Foreign Ownership Reviews

USA - October 7 2020 The new rules offer greater regulatory certainty and improve transparency in the Team Telecom review process…

James H. Barker, Elizabeth R. Park

US Commerce Department Imposes Broad Export Control Restrictions on Huawei

USA - May 23 2019 BIS designates Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and certain of its affiliates to the Entity List, restricting their ability to receive US products…

Annie E. S. Froehlich, Elizabeth K. Annis, James H. Barker, Les P. Carnegie, Charles Claypoole, Steven P. Croley, Andrew P. Galdes, William M. McGlone, Robert Price, Bridget R. Reineking, Robert E. Sims, Eric S. Volkman

Restoring Internet Freedom: FCC Eliminates Common Carrier Regulation of Broadband Providers

USA - January 9 2018 On January 4, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the 2017 Restoring Internet Freedom Order (Order), which the agency had…

Matthew T. Murchison

FCC Institutes New Privacy Regime for Broadband Providers and Other Telecommunications Carriers

USA - November 16 2016 On November 2, 2016, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released an order adopting new privacy rules that will govern how broadband…

Jennifer C. Archie, James H. Barker, John P. Janka, Matthew T. Murchison, Amanda E. Potter, Alexander L. Stout

FCC Proposes Sweeping Broadband Privacy Rules

USA - April 13 2016 Twelve months after the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) imposed common-carrier telecommunications rules on broadband providers in the…

Jennifer C. Archie, Amanda E. Potter, Alexander L. Stout